Superior Property Management Arlington VA Companies

A Superior property manager can make the difference between profit and loss. Treat finding one like hiring a candidate for a job: Interview the owner or point person. Check references, ask around yourself, get to know their reputation. Bonus if you’re able to talk to current tenants, as they can tell you lived experiences with the company. Check their “resume” – what types of properties do they have experience with, especially if they have expertise with the type of property (home, apartment complex, duplex, etc) that you own. The company you choose should also have solid accounting practices. You should receive periodic, detailed statements of the amount collected, tax payments, and expenses for maintenance or repairs.

Real Estate investment can be a great source of passive income, a way to pay a second mortgage on a slow-selling home, or a lucrative career. The right type of property management company in the Northern Virginia area can give you the best returns on whichever type of investor you are. Let’s take a look at some of the top performers.

Avery Hess Property Management based in Centerville, VA. From customer reviews: “More than satisfied with the service they have provided. [They] inform on any maintenance, tenant or account issues and is always available to handle any questions I have. They have done a great job marketing the property. I appreciate the peace of mind Avery Hess has provided me.”

Real Property Management PROS is the market leader when it comes to residential leasing and property management services. This is a full-service leasing and property management for the client that wants to be hands-off, as well as a stand-alone leasing service for landlords with the necessary time and expertise to handle the ongoing management responsibilities on their own. There is a good reason why property owners in Northern Virginia turn to Real Property Management PROS as their first choice: they have revolutionized property management in a way that guarantees a more reliable, scalable, professional and technology-driven management platform that delivers a better return on your investment.

Professional Property Management of Northern Virginia provides in-depth knowledge acquired from more than three decades of successfully managing thousands of rental homes and clear communications that keep you informed. You’ll find skilled teamwork by property management specialists and a value-add network of top quality, preferred contractors, tradesmen and service providers. To maximize your profit, they use proprietary accounting software for accurate financial management and reporting via secure, online access.

Arlington Realty Property Management, a dynamic, full-service family owned and operated Management Company that specialized in income-producing real estate. Arlington Realty Property Management can manage the entire process of identifying, buying, leasing, managing and selling rental properties in Arlington, Virginia and surrounding areas. They are committed to the true meaning of “Customer Service” and run the family business with integrity and honesty. They strive to do everything in our power to protect your investment(s).

Choosing the correct property management company for your investment can make or break your profit. From a homeowner-turned-landlord to a professional investment group, just remember to take the time to find the perfect fit for you and your new business.

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Choice Property Management and Services – Fairfax Virginia

Choice Property Management & Services is a full service property management company facilitating Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

Choice offers the same type of services as a large corporation, but with attention to details that only a small business can guarantee. Not only do they bring their clients the best of both worlds to their condos, townhomes, and single family homes, they do it all under one roof! Handling the leasing, management and maintenance services expected from a top property management company.

They strive to provide peace of mind by looking after their client’s property as if it were their own investment. They simply believe that every client should experience hassle free property management services! Choice customizes their services to meet their client’s needs and guarantee to deliver the highest quality of service.

I have property to lease, what next?

Surveying through endless inquires, taking calls after hours, scheduling showings around your own busy schedule, who has the time! Luckily, the dedicated staff at Choice will handle all of these responsibilities and more to insure the most suitable tenant is found for your property.


  • Perform a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine the rental price range
  • Perform property condition assessments (if requested)
  • Obtaining necessary paperwork and information required for renting from the HOA/COA
  • Perform a detailed rental assessment of the property which includes:
    • Photographs
    • Room measurements
    • Attractive features of the neighborhood


  • Provide a lockbox and yard sign
  • Create a custom advertisement including professional photos and personalized floor plan
  • Advertise the property on over 40 websites including Multiple Listing Service (accessible by other realtors)
  • Show the property to prospective tenants and coordinating with other realtors 7 days a week


  • Qualify the prospective tenant through our thorough screening process which includes:
    • References from previous/current landlord(s)
    • Employment & income verification
    • Eviction database check
    • Credit check
    • Sex offender database check
    • Criminal check
  • Negotiate a lease with favorable terms
  • Prepare a lease agreement that ensures that you and your property are protected

Once you have a prospective tenant ready to move in, let the guys at Choice facilitate the process. From thorough walk-through and orientations to utility transfers, they will handle these processes swiftly and smoothly. Choice is also qualified to provide the following additional services:


  • You will be assigned a dedicated Property Manager
  • They will ensure that they Enforce regional, state and federal landlord/tenant laws
  • They will pay maintenance and repair fees on your behalf
  • They will Make monthly COA/HOA, insurance and mortgage payments, if instructed
  • They will establish and follow through on all lease and HOA violations
  • They will manage ALL tenant relations


  • They will provide discounted prices for in-house maintenance projects and access to discounted rates provided by their vendors
  • They will preform bi-annual interior and exterior inspections of your property
  • They will qualify, schedule and supervise necessary and approved repair work


  • They will provide emergency after hour maintenance services
  • They will direct deposit of rental proceeds to the owner’s account
  • They will establish online account access for property owners and tenants
  • They will post all documents to your online account, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • They will provide monthly statements, a year end statement and a 1099

What maintenance services are available at Choice Property Management and Services?

The maintenance team at Choice is able to perform a wide range of services as outlined below.

General Handyman Work:

  • Brick and Masonry Repair
  • Deck and Fence Repair
  • Power washing Services
  • Tile and Wood Floor Repair & Installation
  • Caulking Windows & Doors
  • Appliance Installation
  • Storm and Screen Door Installation
  • Re-Caulking Tubs & Showers


  • Painting
  • Drywall Repair
  • Cabinet and Countertop Installation and Repair
  • Deck Installation


  • Faucet Installation
  • Bathroom Vanity & Sink Installation
  • Garbage Disposal Replacement
  • Unclogging the drain lines
  • Water heater Installation


  • Light Replacement, Repair and Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Outlet Rewiring

Home Remodeling:

  • Carpet Replacement and Repair
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Room Addition
  • Basement Renovation

Choice is really your all in one Property Management Solution Partner. For the personalized service and attention to detail, give the guys at Choice and call today.

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Property Management Rules For San Diego Companies

The San Diego property market is uniquely positioned compared to that of other large cities in America. San Diego falls under the Southern California housing market, and is a fast growing property market that investors are keeping an eye on. It is therefore necessary for property management companies in San Diego to follow a set of rules to ensure that they offer unrivaled, excellent property management services and avoid falling into deep trouble when handling such a lucrative market.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs offers property owners and tenants a wide range of resources on how to screen potential tenants, and also, legal guidelines on what property managers can ask or request from potential tenants when screening them.

There are several steps that property managers take during the tenant screening process. The first step is acquiring a rental application, which includes a Credit Report screening request. Property managers typically utilize the potential tenant’s credit information to decide on whether to agree to sign a lease.

One of the main issues in recent times is discrimination when screening potential clients. The best way of avoiding discrimination is to follow rules and laws laid down by recognized professional bodies such as the California Association of Realtors (CAR). According to the California Association Of Realtors (CAR), a rental agreement contract should identify the parties to the contract and should therefore include the owner’s name, unless the clients stipulates that the property manager be liable for the property and all decisions pertaining to the property. Below, is a list of steps for successful property management of San Diego companies.

Step One

The first part of the process of renting out property is placing an ad online to advertise the property to potential renters. According to a report by the Housing Equality Project of Silicon Valley, tenants can be screened on income, credit rating, and a criminal background check can be conducted. However, advertisers are cautioned against stating that they prefer a certain type of family or ethic group. Anything that is mildly discriminatory must be avoided.

Step Two

The next step is to show the property to interested prospects, and interview prospective tenants. Avoid asking prospective clients during the background screening process, whether they’re U.S.-born citizens, legal residents, or undocumented immigrants. The role of property management companies is to protect the property owner and keep their tenants happy.

Step Three

The applications process starts after a San Diego property management company shows prospective clients the property. Sometimes, during a showing, a prospective tenant may take the application with them—but they may also choose to fill it out and apply right away. Before moving forward a property manager must determine if the prospective tenant has Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Unless the property you’re showing is approved under a federally funded housing program, you do not have to have a language access plan for oral and written communication to ensure meaningful access for applicants and tenants with LEP. In fact, translation is not required for standard non-funded rental properties but according to the law as it stands, you must allow tenants to choose a translator of their discretion, even if it’s a friend or family member.

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Discover Information about Langley Property Management Companies

If someone mentions the word, Langley, hushed whispers and side-eye glancing are made around the room. Langley is iconically related to Langley, Virginia home to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Langley is a metonym for the George Bush Center for Intelligence. An intelligent community requires intelligent property manager. We are the L.P.M.C.I.A. (Langley Property Management Company Information Agency).

Our mission: to find the top property management company in Langley, Virginia and to provide all the information necessary to aid you in completing your mission. If you choose to accept it.

Your mission is to employ the gold-standard of Langley Property Management Company and expand your real estate investment profile via a professional property management company that is as versatile as it is diverse. You do not have to be a field agent or super spy to satisfy this mission but you should keep in mind a few vital facts in your dossier.

  1. A property manager should be contactable 24/7 in the case of emergencies for both the client and the property resident.
  2. Consider whether or not your Langley Property Management Company is versatile and can service residential, industrial, commercial, historic and culturally significant properties with ease.
  3. Is the property management company experienced?
  4. Does the Langley Property Management Company you have hired able to work with a flexible schedule?
  5. Are there technological benefits to your Langley Property Management Company like a PayPal payments, email notifications and progress reports on monthly maintenance projects and accounting documentation?

There is no need to sneak around trying to find the best deal for an expert Langley Property Management Company, because we specialize in value and quality efficient service to provide you with a simple way to grow your real estate investment profile.

Investing in a real estate property manager may seem overwhelming, but we strive to streamline the process through dedicated lines of communication and an overview of our management structure upon consultation.

Langley may be home to spies, but we are the confidential informant for Langley Property Management Companies. Our mission that we have dedicated ourselves to, is a mission of providing a convenient, secure and friendly resource for the community that chooses to rent from our Langley Property Management Company. In addition to our commitment to our clients. Our success isn’t measured by our paycheck, but by your growing faith in our property management company. Our best advertising is your stellar review of our work.

Our clients are important to us. We want to embark on a long-term journey with you and your property needs. We will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your real estate investment sees the returns you have hoped for. We happily adjust our model to suit your property and your style of business. We will make you proud.

If you want to grow your property investment profile and streamline the tenant search and occupancy needs, then count on us to serve you in Langley, Virginia. If you would like more details regarding any information about Langley property management companies, please don’t hesitate to contact our ready response team.

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